Thursday, September 3, 2015

Serving for Him

Jesus died for all, so that those who live might no longer live for themselves, but for Him who died and rose again on their behalf. – 2 Corinthians 5:15

Christians are saved by faith; however, if we are truly saved there will be evidence of that salvation through our works.  We do not need works to be saved, but works will come as a result of our saving faith.  Think of it like the chicken and egg paradox.  Which came first?  In the case of each individual person, faith or the egg comes first.  Once we have faith, it will hatch and out comes the works or the chicken.  As we grow spiritually, our faith will be the fuel to grow the chicken, which will grow larger and larger until it is able to lead and protect other chickens and lay eggs of its own (leading others’ to faith).

If you are truly saved, works will not be a burden or obligation to you, but an opportunity that you look forward to.  I suspect there are two main reasons why Christians don’t do more works.  The first reason is because many of them only pay lip service to believing in Jesus but do not truly believe in him.  “Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father who is in heaven will enter (Matthew 7:21 NASB).  The other reason is that people just may not know what to do or where to start.  They may think that to serve means that they must sell everything tomorrow and then spend the rest of their lives as roaming preachers.  While that may be a goal, it’s not the only way to serve God and do His will.

I want to offer some suggestions to people, regardless of where one truly is in their belief in Jesus, on how to get started and what to shoot for.  If you’re a Christian and have no desire to do works or don’t think it’s necessary, read, reread, and study the books of James and 1 John.  It’s never too late to truly commit your life to following Christ.  If you want to do works but don’t know what to do, here is a list of things you can do to get started and a guide on where to go.

On last note before I offer a list of ways to serve.  Always remember that everything we do as Christians is done in the name of Jesus ( Col 3:17), to bring glory to God (1 Cor 10:31), and is a direct result of what He has done for us (2 Cor 5:15).  This is vitally important to remember because people will see what you are doing and ask you why you are doing these things.  There may be many reasons why, but the first and most important answer you should give is because of Jesus.  There are lots of ways to tell people this so find a way to say it that works for you.  Simply saying “I just wanted to help out” does not honor God.  Find a way to let people know who gives you the power and desire to serve.

Lastly, doing any type of service is a great opportunity to invite other people to serve alongside you.  Just a simple text or Facebook post can be enough, but you’ll find more success if you call people and .  Without further ado, here is a list, which is not all inclusive, of some things you can do to serve people and your community in order to bring glory to God.  Nothing is too small and you don’t have to be a saint to go all in.

To view the list of service activites, please clikc the link below.

Saturday, January 31, 2015

A Christian Guide to Sports

 I grew up playing all kinds of sports.  I played baseball, soccer, football, and hockey when I was young, but mostly I focused on hockey.  I just loved it and could not get enough of it.  I made it to the Division I level and while many of my teammates burned out during college or right after, I did not.  I still love playing and have a blast every time I get on the ice. Because of hockey, I stayed out of jail, off of drugs, and did not become a teen dad.  I have had the opportunity travel all over the United States, spent a year in Canada, and got to go to Germany and Austria to play.  It led me to meet my wife, got me a free college education, and a good job after college.  I have a lot of reasons to be thankful for sports, especially hockey.  However, when looking back, I also see the damage it caused in my life.  It contributed to my getting lower grades; the money spent on hockey almost kept me from going to college; it kept me from just about every other experience you can think of; and it prevented me from building genuine friendships which still makes it hard for me to relate to people today.

I would venture to guess that most people just accept sports as good and acceptable because they are such a big part of our culture and to question that makes you weird.  Have you ever considered how sports fit into a Christian worldview and the principles of the Bible?  What about the impact that sports have on people and society?  Before reading on, think for a few minutes about the impact sports have had on your life and how you think God might view sports... To read the rest of the article, click the link below.